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Planning a golf trip to the west coast anytime soon? If you are looking for assistance in securing greens fees and tee times, putting together a reasonably priced golf package or even coordinating a corporate outing, Showtime Golf may prove to be a useful resource to you. Showtime Golf offers these services at over 75 courses in the following locations:

Their free tee time service will provide you with the following little extras you may not get by simply calling the pro shop:

  • Greens Fee
  • Cart Fee
  • Range Balls
  • Yardage Book
  • 20% off coupon in the Pro Shop

That all seems very cool, I’m always up for freebies. Heck I think half my suitcase was full of SWAG on the trip home from Nashville. Another neat service provided by this site, club rental and transportation coordination. I love to play with my own clubs, but sometimes it just isn’t practical to haul them along. Looking over the pricing at a few locations, they will hook you up with some Taylor Made clubs for $50, which is pretty typical.

Tee Times
Lucky for us, when my wife and I went on our honeymoon we stayed at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, amazing hotel incidentally. We had secured our tee times through the reservation desk at The Lodge. They apparently hold a number of tee times daily for guests of the hotel. If I remember right, we paid about $150 each for the greens fee and $40 for cart, so about $340 total (in December of 2006). Unfortunately, unless you’re staying at The Lodge, getting a tee time at Torrey Pines is not so simple. On a weekend, apparently walk ons are waiting in line at 2am.

When we were planning the honeymoon, I had looked at various tee time services in the area, nothing looked very promising. It was difficult to get a guaranteed tee time, and if you did, the prices were insane. At the time, I hadn’t heard of Showtime Golf. It looks as if the process is quite simple. With two or more players you can book a tee time up to 90 days in advance! Sure, the fees are slightly higher than the posted greens fee on the course, but unless you’re willing to pay $350 a night to stay at The Lodge or sit on the phone for half an hour dialing into their automated tee time service 7 days in advance, good luck getting that base greens fee price.

I haven’t found myself having to do this yet, however, if you were ever in the position of having to organize a tournament or corporate outing, Showtime Golf has some very detailed information about the process, including this article: 19 Tips to a Smooth Golf Event. Perhaps we could use this information to help plan a North East golf blogger tournament this summer?

Room for Improvement
There is a wealth of information at this site, I just feel the organization of it is a little difficult. Initially I found the navigation a little confusing and awkward. The site changes a considerable amount of content based on the region you are looking at, ie. if you click on San Diego, the content under the tabs change, as different services are offered in different locations. This was a little confusing. Perhaps if the navigation area were cleaned up a little and it was more clear that you were perusing the information for San Diego, it wouldn’t be so confusing. I’m guessing if the home bar (up top), the tab bar (that indicates where you are) and the dropdown navigation bar had a more unified look and feel, the site would be easier to navigate initially.

Showtime Golf Navigation

That being said, it isn’t a huge deal, I certainly was able to find a ton of information.

You have a lot of options out there for finding tee times, planning corporate outings or putting together that dream golf vacation. Showtime Golf does a nice job of bringing that information together. Next time you’re planning a trip to San Diego, Arizona, Las Vegas or Palm Springs be sure to check them out. Vegas anyone?

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