So, back from the West Palm Beach trip. Was a brief trip, but we had a nice time. Got to get out and play on a couple courses (North Palm Beach Country Club and The Golf Club of Jupiter). The NPBCC course was quite nice, though quite difficult. Recently redesigned by Jack Nicklaus, bunkers were EVERYWHERE. I did not fare so well on the course, actually gave up keeping score somewhere on the back nine. The pace of play was quite slow and it was extremely windy, so, aside from the nice scenery and good shape of the course, I wouldn’t say I had a wonderful time :)

The Golf Club of Jupiter course, on the other hand, was a much easier ride. If I hadn’t gave away a few shots to water and errant tee shots, I really should have broke 80. We got back very early Sunday morning (1am), but I still managed to get out and get 9 holes in around noon time on Sunday at the season opening of Flanders Valley. Shot a 43, despite a serious case of the shanks, so was a good time. I wish the traffic on Route 206 wasn’t so awful, or I’d go play there more often, great course.

Anyway, back to the completely irrelevant title of this post, why can’t I find any chocolate golf balls filled with nougat goodness? Or perhaps a Lindor truffle golf ball?

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