Beautiful weather we had here in New Jersey this past weekend, it appears as if Spring has finally arrived. With some warmer weather late in the week, the higher lying areas have had a chance to dry out a little, so I managed to sneak out for a few hours and fit in 9 holes over at Flanders Valley.

I’ve played the Red, Blue and White courses in the past, but never have been sent to the Gold. Wow. Most of Flanders Valley a Valley, so it’s pretty flat. The Gold course, on the other hand, makes you experience life as a mountain goat…ok, well maybe not quite that bad. It is, however, quite hilly. The added mountain hiking certainly adds to the difficulty of playing golf, especially when you’re hauling another 30+ lb on your back. Along with the struggles of huffing and puffing climbing these large hills, comes the very strange lies you often find yourself having.

After some early struggles (fat..thin..fat..thin) I pulled things together over the last few holes. A sand shot in for birdie on 16 made the afternoon. The end result was a 42, which I’ll take any day on a new course.

As much as I complain about the hills, it was actually quite nice. If you have a tee-time for 18 at Flanders, and get put onto the Red/Golf track, you’ll be in for a surprise after walking the relatively flat Red course. But the views are quite amazing and the 213 yard par 3 15th hole, with it’s dramatic 50+ yard drop is quite a pretty hole. I’ll have to get back on this set of 9 sometime later in the spring when the trees have some more green.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:00 pm April 23, 2007

Sounds like a course we play here in SW CT. We affectionately call it Billy Goat Hill.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:23 am April 26, 2007

I live right on the NY/NJ boarder in NY. How far down are in jersey are you? Cause if it’s not so far I might actually go a-wandering to these places. Also I know a couple courses in North Jersey worth your time.

I do have a tournament exemption to the MGA PubLinks @ Neshanic Valley in Jersey. Ever hear of it or know any useful information?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:06 am April 26, 2007

Hey Justin,

I’m about 20 minutes south of Morristown. Then most of these courses I play are within a 15-30 minute drive.

The trek down to Neshanic Valley may be worth your time. For a municipal course, it’s quite beautiful. Plays and looks like a private links course. Tee times are generally difficult to get. I do not know that I would drive an hour plus to play at Flanders Valley.

If you haven’t already gone there, be sure to check out the various courses that are around Crystal Springs. That is probably a lot closer to you. Ballyowen, Crystal Springs, Black Bear..etc. What NJ courses do you suggest?

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