With the NFL Draft fast approaching, Andrew over at OobGolf and I decided it would be fun to put together a little Fantasy NFL Draft…the  twist being we are selecting an NFL team full of PGA players!

QB – Geoff Ogilvy – 6’2 – 180 – Australia
Geoff has a cannon for an arm.  With his silky smooth throwing style he can launch precise lasers down field with ease.  His arm isn’t his only asset, his intense competitive spirit, eye for reading defenses and intangible leadership qualities are a perfect match for Team Deep Rough.
RB – KJ Choi – 5’8 – 185 – South Korea
This may seem like a strange selection at first, but hear me out.  Team Deep Rough runs a zone blocking scheme.  We do not want someone dancing around in the backfield ala Barry Sanders.  KJ is a bowling ball of a running back.  Able to make a single cut and explode through the hole.  At 5’8, he is easily lost in traffic by the defenders.
WR – Robert Karlsson – 6’5 – 198 – Sweden
Built in the mold of a Randy Moss, no one in the Golf Blog league can match up with the shear size of Robert Karlsson.  Some may make the mistake of thinking of him as a possession receiver, but then lightning quick Swede turns on the jets and is suddenly 3 steps ahead of you.  Look for Karlsson to use both his speed and height to take advantage of defensive backs of all sizes.
TE – Bo Van Pelt – 6’4 – 200 – Oklahoma State
With his impressive 6’4, athletic frame, Bo can get down the field with surprising speed.  Sharing a last name with vicious linebacker Brad Van Pelt and highly successful college QB Bradlee Van Pelt certainly doesn’t hurt Bo’s case.  Matched up one on one with Justin Rose?  Please.
OL – Jason Gore – 6’1 – 235 – Pepperdine
Jason’s weight isn’t his only asset.  He is nimble on his feet and can read defenses as well as our QB.  He is the ideal o-line prospect for our Zone Blocking scheme.  Jason will maneuver Monty around the field with EASE.
DL – Craig Stadler – 5’10 – 250 – USC
The behemoth from the football powerhouse USC will be clogging up the running lanes for Team Deep Rough.  He might be up there in years, but he’s also up there in pure poundage.  Expect the Walrus to be stout at the point of attack.
LB – Bubba Watson – 6’3 – 180 – Georgia
With the Walrus all over Daly, Bubba will be freed up to lay the hurt on Sergio and any receiver silly enough to attempt a crossing pattern.  Look at this guy, you can see the mean streak in his eyes.  Following in the footsteps of other great Georgia LBs, Kendrell Bell, Boss Bailey and Thomas Davis…Bubba will be critical to The Deep Rough’s dominance of OobGolf.
CB – Luke Donald – 5’9 – 160 – Northwestern
What Luke lacks in size, he makes up for in blazing speed and intense competitiveness.  With Tiger covering the deep ball, Luke is free to gamble on the short routes.  His ballhawking style, size and speed reminds us of a Dre Bly or DeAngelo Hall.
S – Tiger Woods – 6’1 – 185 – Stanford
Following in the heavy footsteps of John Lynch, Tiger is an absolute beast waiting to lay a Jack Tatum style hit on anyone crazy enough to step into his office.  I mean seriously, did you see him at the British Open last year?  Do you think Phil or Atwal have a prayer of holding onto the ball after a vicious Tiger blow?  Yeah, I thought not.
K – Mike Weir – 5’9 – 155 – BYU
BYU teammate, Ty Detmer said of Weir, “Damn that boy can kick”.  Mike Weir may be small in stature but boast a potent leg that is used for both Kicking and Punting duties.  I can think of another left footed Canadian kicker who has done alright for himself in the NFL.
ST – Boo Weekley – 6’0 – 210
Can you imagine this guy running at you with a full head of steam?  He is crazy enough to fill the special teamer position on Team Deep Rough.  Weighing in a solid 210lb, you know he can bring the hurt.

One of the most interesting aspects of Team Deep Rough is the great chemistry the team has already developed.  Having three players from Milton High certainly has helped the team gel quickly.  With a powerful running attack, an opportunistic passing game and a stout defense, Team Deep Rough should give any Fantasy NFL team a run for their money.

Be sure to check out OobGolf’s roster and let us know what you think!

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