Ok, so wow. Andrew over at Oobgolf sent me a link to their new Golf Course Finder. Color me impressed.

golf course finder

Click On Image for Larger View

You can drag the map around and it will automatically update the view to display all the near by courses. You can filter by public/private/resort/semi-private and military courses. It will even tell you the distance to the courses from the center of the map. So drag the map on over to your home town, and have a look see. Clicking on the course will popup some details, then you can drill down further to have a look at the scorecard for the course, prices, telephone numbers, etc. Perhaps soon they’ll even let you book a tee time!

Great job guys, you are putting together an amazing golf resource!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:27 am May 30, 2007


Thanks for the link. We’re glad you like it. We are still in beta release- more should be added to it soon. We will have advanced filtering options like by price, difficulty and user rating.

Also- make sure you play with the Mapquest tool in general. The sat. images are great fun to play with over your house, town and favorite golf course.

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