You may remember an excited guy jumping up and down with joy as he advanced to the next round of Fore Inventors Only. Joseph Pagano, inventor of The Power Stance, brought a great deal of liveliness to the cast of inventors on this Golf Channel contest/reality show. Unfortunately for Joe, the Power Stance did not make it to the final round of judging, however, I felt the product was interesting enough to have a look here.

Power Stance-2

This training aid addresses several specific areas of the golf swing: balance, alignment and weight shift…which all lead to delivering the club square at impact consistently.


Just looking at the device it’s apparent how easy it is to work on your alignment. Point the red arrow at your target…and step onto the Power Stance. Boom, your feet are aligned to the target. No second guessing that. Drop this in your living room, step onto the Power Stance, get into your golf posture….and step off. Do that a few times a night, and you’ll definitely ingrain solid foot alignment. Take it with you to the driving range, and step off and onto the Power Stance after every hit, and you’ll really begin to see some effective learning. I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, but, if you aren’t lined up right, you aren’t going to hit the ball where you want it to go. It’s as simple as that.

In the past, I just threw a club down on the ground at the range, lined that up with the target, and aligned my feet to that. That step alone certainly will help you with your alignment to some degree. However, remember, the distance between your feet is important (you can adjust the distance between the two feet quite easliy), as is ball position…

Ball Position

You’ll see another red arrow component of the Power Stance in the middle area of the product. This sliding piece of plastic can be slid to your preferred ball location for the club you are practicing with. The instruction manual that comes with the device includes some suggested ball locations for various clubs, but obviously you can simply adjust it to wherever you normally place the ball. The key thing here is, that you find that notch you like for the club you are hitting…and you place the ball right on that little red arrow…and every time you hit, the ball will be in the same exact location in your stance. If you have a problem with hitting the consistently, this is a VERY simple thing to check/correct in your game….and it all happens before you even begin your swing.

Balance/Weight Shift

As you can see in the picture of the Power Stance, the right foot placement is slightly inclined. This provides a stable place to load up your weight on the back swing. If you’ve tried a tennis ball drill (tennis ball under your inside right foot), you understand how this works. With that slight incline, you can really feel the weight load up on your right side without losing your balance. When you start your swing back to the ball, you can almost feel as if you’re pushing off that block, transferring your weight back to your left side. All the while, maintaining your balance. The nice thing is, you really don’t have to ‘think’ about the weight transfer. It will just happen, in balance, when you’re in this training aid. (Side note, here’s a great video on Weight Shift)

The retaining wall on the left side will hold that left foot open at 10 degrees. This will keep that left foot posted and prevent the dreaded spin out. A side effect of this is that you can really nail down that 10 degree opening. Sometimes I find it hard to align myself for ‘open stance’ shots (like say a short pitch) and keep that left foot open the same amount each time. With the Power Stance, you can just align the device a little left of your target (open), then line your club face up to the target. Now you’re sure that you’re practicing the right alignment every time with this type shot.

Power Stance-1


You can order a Power Stance direct from APVGolf for $89.95. If you find yourself struggling with alignment, ball position and your weight transfer…this very simple device will certainly be of benefit to you. Do not set yourself up for failure. Lock your stance and alignment in, get that right every time and you’ll find that you’ll be making less corrections during your actual golf swing.

I’ve used this training aid myself for about a month now, and certainly have found my ball position and alignment to be more accurate. Can you just throw down a club on the ground at the range to help with your alignment? Sure, but that doesn’t help with the distance between your feet, your balance or your ball position. I do still struggle with my balance at times (read: I try to murder the ball), but I believe the Power Stance is helping me get a better handle on that as well.

For $89.95, the package includes the Power Stance itself along with a DVD explaining usage of the device. The DVD could certainly use some production work, but it does a nice job of showing you how best to use the device.

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Posted at 5:05 pm January 7, 2008


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