Ok, so you may have seen a recent spike in news about the Aussie golfer, Anna Rawson. Who is she, you ask? According to her official biography, she is 26 year old professional golfer/model. This past week she finished 18th in the Final Stage of the LPGA Q School in Daytona Beach. Contrary to what has been widely ‘reported’, this does not mean she has earned fully exempt status on the LPGA tour. It does mean, however, that she will have an opportunity to play as an alternate at LPGA tour events. Hopefully, for her sake, she will have a lot of opportunities to start and show that she has the golf game to go along with her modeling career.

Andrew Brown of oobgolf posted up a great interview with Anna Rawson a few weeks ago, be sure to check that out.

So without further ado, here are the pictures the title of this post mentioned…

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson
Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:37 pm January 20, 2008
Tyler Corlen

I wonder if some LPGA golfers think that all of these hotties (Gulbis, Rawon, Creamer, etc.) that pose for the media take away from the game.

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