If you are interested in the new Nike Sumo line, be sure to head to check with your local pro shop or retail shop to see if they are holding a Nike Sumo Saturday event. Nike will be releasing the new Sumo line, including the SQ Sumo 5000 and SQ Sumo2 5900 on February 2nd at the Sumo Saturday event. I received an email from Golfsmith detailing the event at their stores, so you may want to check that out.

A few months ago I had a close look at the Sumo Irons. They will be releasing a new version of that set of irons which replaces the long irons with the new square Sumo hybrids.

I am sure plenty of these will start showing up on eBay soon as well:

And here is a little introduction by the Nike Man himself, Tiger Woods, explaining some of the new equipment. The Golf Channel ran some 30 minute infomercial featuring Tiger, that went into some more depth.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:34 pm February 1, 2008
Neil Sagebiel

You’re not kidding you took a close look! Nice photo.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:03 am February 5, 2008
Saturday Golfer

I enjoyed watching the the Nike special with Tiger on The Golf Channel.

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