I knew Freddie Couples wore Ecco golf shoes, and while watching The Masters this past weekend, I was a little perplexed when I saw what looked to be street shoes? They looked pretty neat, but where were the classic Ecco golf shoes? Well, it seems that Ecco has come out with a new style of golf shoe without the traditional cleats. Details to follow. What did you think of his shoes?

(Londonderry, New Hampshire) — ECCO USA announces the arrival of its distinctive, hybrid sport-casual Golf Street Premier shoe is available for $140 online at www.eccousa.com and ships to retailers later this week.

Showcased by ECCO Staff Player Fred Couples this past weekend, the Golf Street Premier is designed specifically to be worn both on and off the course. This tremendously versatile shoe features full-grain leather uppers, a sleek PU midsole and pre-molded traction bars which provide players with ideal traction, stability and comfort.

“The Golf Street’s outsole has roughly 100 molded traction bars and over 800 traction angles versus a standard golf shoe’s six to nine cleats,” says C.B. Tuite, General Sales Manager, ECCO USA Golf Division. “It’s no wonder Fred Couples relied on it during one of the most important golf tournaments of the year.”

Taking its cues from modern men’s fashion, Golf Street Premier includes funky color pops and cool metal-rivet accents. The ideal combination of style and function, it comes with synthetic blend wide-flat laces in two different colors for added user customization, including a contrast option for an additional dose of flavor. Like all ECCO golf shoes, Golf Street Premier is made using a proprietary direct-injection process that creates a one-piece construction which won’t break down over time.

In addition to Couples, ECCO golf shoes are worn in competition by scores of international Tour stars, including Aaron Baddeley, Colin Montgomerie, Stuart Appleby, Arjun Atwal, John Bickerton, Bradley Dredge and many others.

Coinciding with the recently introduced 2010 golf collection, ECCO has engaged in a series of major account and customer service initiatives. These include a supporting partnership of the PGA of America Golf Retirement Plus program, a new ECCO Golf Comfort Tech Van, a web-based retailer training module and the brand’s status as an official member of the Association of Golf Merchandisers.

Guaranteeing a level of quality that cannot be matched by any major footwear manufacturer, each ECCO golf shoe is made using a proprietary, direct-injection process. Touched by more than 225 sets of highly-skilled hands during production, each model is a testament to the brand’s unrivalled attention to detail that helps discerning players look, feel and play their best.

All ECCO golf shoes feature a network of built-in technologies to create the ideal platform for the perfect swing. These include a direct-injected, PU-constructed midsole/outsole that:

  1. Creates a one-piece shoe construction
  2. Ensures unrivaled durability, flexibility, lightness and weather resistance
  3. Provides a superior level of cushioning and comfort that does not break down over time, unlike commonly-used materials such as air, rubber and EVA foam

Optimal performance is further guaranteed by:

  1. Ultra-soft, high-grade leathers with hydrophobic treatments for superb weather-resistance
  2. Internal stabilizer to reduce torque and create ideal swing stability
  3. Double-layer insole with cushion that absorbs heel force to reduce stress on the knees, hips and back
  4. Internal Air-Circulation System to maintain a fresh, dry and cool foot environment
  5. Dynamic Energy Return System that provides a trampoline effect during foot-strike and follow-through to reduce fatigue and restore energy with each step
  6. Green-friendly outsole designs featuring molded traction bars combined with Stinger cleats from Champ and the Q-Lok insert system to provide ideal traction and grip

We will see if we can get our hands on some of these for a complete review on and off the course!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:59 am April 18, 2010
Patrick Mathieu

I also saw Fred Couples wearing these shoes during the Master’s tournament. I thought they looked pretty cool as well as comfortable. According to the announcers on CBS, Fred doesn’t even wear socks while playing in these shoes.
I think they would be a great shoe to wear when the course is dry, i.e. afternoons, or for those of us who live in a rather dry climate, i.e. Arizona. It would be interesting to see how they would work when the grass is wet.
Just this past Wednesday, I saw these shoes for sale at Dillard’s for Ecco’s asking price of $140.00. The largest size they had was a 46 or US size 12, however the sales person said you could get them in a 47 which is US size 13 to 13.5.

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