About The Deep Rough

Welcome to The Deep Rough. This is my attempt to keep a diary of my golf experiences, on the course, at the range, and while trying to learn at home. I’ve been playing golf on and off throughout my life, but really started to fall in love with the sport over the past 3 years. I’ve had little professional training, but do spend a lot of time reading up on swing theory, watching professional golf, and playing as often as I can!

So, by no means are any of my opinions ‘professional’. At this point I play somewhere around a 6 to 8 index, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt!

There is an enormous amount of information related to golf, the swing, what you should/shouldn’t do out there. I’ve read/heard/watched a ton of it. What I hope to do here is relay my experiences with courses, trying to better my own game, reviews of all the random equipment I spend far too much money on, and my general struggles and triumphs with the game of golf. Hopefully some of what I will write will be helpful to you.

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