Buying a birthday gift for the golf fanatic of the family has never been an easy task. The possibilities seem endless, a new piece of golf equipment, the latest golf training aid, a box of golf balls, or perhaps even a golf lesson? Who knew buying a birthday gift for a golfer could be so complicated!

Old Standby – A Box of Golf Balls

The traditional Father’s Day gift for the golfing dad seems to be a box of his favorite golf balls. This would make for a fine golf birthday gift as well. Be sure to find out his favorite brand or type of golf ball and head on down to your local golf shop to pickup a dozen. If he does not use a specific brand, or you want to keep it a surprise, the major sport chain retailers generally have several brands of golf balls on sale. If your golf birthday boy or girl is a new player, try finding some low spin golf balls. Golf balls can cost you anywhere from $10 a dozen on up to $45. Unless your gift recipient plays golf several times a week, stick in the $10-$20 range.

Another Option – Golf Teaching Tools

There seems to be a new golf teaching tool or golf training aid on the market every other week. The Whippy Tempomaster is an amusing golf teaching tool at first sight, but is extremely effective at teaching a golfer about the tempo of a golf swing. You can find this particular golf teaching tool on eBay in the $75 range. The Swing Setter by David Leadbetter is a popular piece of equipment that is actually used by several professional golfers, Michelle Wie included. The Swing Setter will set you back $85 on eBay or $130 in retail stores. Another, less expensive option is a golf impact bag. For about $35 your birthday boy can whack away at a heavy bag, learning the correct position and feel at the moment of impact. Any of these options would make a wonderful birthday gift for your golfer.

Wise Decision – Golf Lessons

Unless the person you are buying this golf birthday gift for is a scratch golfer, a golf lesson is always a wonderful idea. Local golf courses, country clubs and driving ranges will often sell single lessons or packages of lessons both to the individual and as a certificate that you could use as the golf birthday gift. A golf lesson from a respectable local professional should cost you anywhere from $50-$100. The birthday boy or girl may not be as excited initially, but they will be thanking you down the road!

Simple Idea – Golf Impact Indicators

Golf Impact Indicators are pieces of tape or sometimes calls golf dust that can be applied to the club face at the driving range or practice range. This will let your golf birthday gift recipient know where they are hitting the ball. This can run from about $5 for impact tape to $15 for a can of golf dust. You may have a hard time finding this in a local store, check it out online.

Now that you have a better idea of the options out there for your golf birthday gift, you can be confident that your purchase will make your golfer happy on his or her birthday!

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