Welcome to The Deep Rough’s free golf instruction video library. We have put together a slew of video lessons that should be able to help a golfer of just about any ability level. We believe that consistency in instruction is so important. How many times have you read tips in a golf magazine and have felt like you have been told the complete opposite in the past? Trying to improve your game from a variety of sources can be extremely challenging. We highly suggest you find one instructor or source of information you feel comfortable with, and stick with that source. Ignore that guy telling you to keep your head down at the range! We have chosen a source we have found very easy to understand, Shawn Clement of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre. Shawn has been a golf instructor for over 20 years and has a knack for making the most complicated topics seem simple and even adds a touch humor. Click on any of the topics below to start improving your game today.

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